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The journey through the academic path is never made clear as most people who do not have childhood dreams of becoming something always ends up with a degree of uncertainty, this is the exact reason why I decided to do Civil Engineering at college but quickly realised this was not the path I wanted to journey down. I then decided to change to Multimedia Design and Production where I gained the basic skills to successfully use programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash alongside file manipulation programs such as Sound Edit pro and Adobe Premiere. However something was missing and one day I came home and my parents internet was not working so I decided to have a little play about with the router and connecting cables, after 10 minutes of research I had fixed the problem and my mother said to me “Why don’t you study what you just did Martyn?” It was then a spark of interest and sensibility flooded my mind and I applied to do Computer Networking at Stevenson College, Edinburgh. However problems arose within my family just after the first semester and I was forced to come back home but did manage to receive the “Outstanding Student Performance Award” Later on in the year. I then decided to apply to Central College Glasgow and after speaking with Chris Deegan was formally accepted onto the HNC Computer Networking Course. Unfortunately the pass rate of the HNC was very low and only a few students managed to keep their studies in control which led to having to do my second year at Anniesland College with an automatic acceptance due to my HNC. The HND was very fun and a lot of interesting modules were covered in the course which I later decided to gain both my MCDST and MCSA certificates from Microsoft. A Further two years spent at University covering a wide variety of subjects from wireless security, to data communications with quantum physics and the laws of relativity to other easier subjects such as Linux Networking but regrettably the course did not do any Cisco based modules which I sincerely missed after learning about Inter-VLAN Routing, OSPF, EIRGP and port security in my HND. I later received my Bsc Honours Degree in Computer Networking and currently awaiting my Masters Placement at Glasgow Caladonian University, Glasgow. For more information about the modules covered in each of my course, you can find them within the links to the left of this page. If you have any further questions or would like a copy of any of the research found please contact me at

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