A Brief History of martyn brian william langlands

Picking The Path

ubuntuThe Academic Route or The Gap year is a choice many people face after High School, there is not necessarily the right choice or the correct path as each has its own benefits. Staying with education ensures a good future and a stable career from an early age however what I have learned from travelling between countries is something I deem as invaluable. At the age of 18 travelling to Namibia, Africa to live with my previous girlfriend was an eye opening experience, Poverty, Houses made from cardboard and the beauty of the nature was almost the perfect balance, however it is a shame that such beauty must come at such a cost for millions of helpless people around Africa. I later arrived back and was located in the rich and well spoken area of Lochgoilhead with the Village mentality and the egoists that roamed the Land, I knew this was not the area I wished to have my future, furthermore moving a bit more central to facilities which most city people take for grantage such as Local shops, petrol station and restaurants for those days where a break from cooking does a world of good. Helensburgh was a lovely place to be, beside the Clyde and many days were spent walking from Luss to Craigendoran, admiring the view, the boats and the spectacular scenic views of the sun granting the horizon a soft gently welcome. During this time travelling to Sweden was a regular occurrence meeting friends and people I have spoke to online for decades, seeing their culture and their peculiar "Specialities" - Rotten Fish, to which I never managed to find the time to try... unfortunately.